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I have an Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator

FIC: Façade

Title:  Façade
Author:  Simon’s Flower
Pairing:  Harry/Ron/Hermione
Rating:  R
Status:  complete
Feedback:  yes
E-mail:  simons_flower@livejournal.com
Archive/Website:  http://www.simonsflower.net
Genre:  Drama, Angst, Mild Violence
Length:  3,073
Story Summary:  Hermione had always believed she could stand up for herself.  She’d done it often enough as a student in dealing with Harry and Ron.  Why couldn’t she do it now?
Author’s Notes:  Written for the fourth wave of the triofqf.  Challenge taken:  59. One of the Trio is being sexually harassed by a student or teacher; how does s/he and the other two deal with it?  Established relationship or not.
     I’d also like to add that my muse hates me after this story.  It was nearly the most difficult I’ve ever had to get down on paper.

...follow the fake cut...
( Façade )
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