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FIC: Pretty Things

Title: Pretty Things
Author: Argyle_S
Pairing: Ron/Harry, Solo Hermione, Harry/Ron/ Hermione
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Harry Potter and all associated characters, places, spells etc. belong to J. K. Rowling. I am just borrowing them for a use I'm rather sure she wouldn't approve of. No money is being made.
Rating: NC-17
Length: About 570 Words
Genre: PWP.
Warnings: Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Masturbation.
Acknowledgments: Thanks to a certain Snape slasher for the superquick beta.

Hermione liked watching pretty things.

She liked watching her boys play Quidditch. She liked the way they wrapped themselves around their brooms as they flew, the way their faces screwed up in concentration. She especially liked games in the late spring and summer, when it was hot enough that the sweat glistened on their faces and soaked their robes and hair. She liked it even better when they practiced in nothing but shorts and she got to see them sweat soaked, head to toe. She could practically taste the salt on her own tongue.

She liked watching her boys laugh. Harry was so contained, his smile and his laugh reaching only as far as his eyes. Ron was so wild, laughing with his whole body.

She liked watching her boys wrestle. She could always hear it coming. Then Ron would run into the living room, waving some prize or other. He never made it much past the couch before Harry caught up with him. They'd roll on the ground, Ron holding whatever he'd nicked away from Harry, while Hermione watched them grind against each other and got wet.

She liked watching her boys snog. The way Harry would gently and slowly let the tips of his fingers play over Ron's skin. The way Ron liked to suck on Harry's tongue and play with Harry's nipples through his shirt. She would always groan around the time Harry reached down and started to stroke Ron through his clothes.

She liked watching Harry suck Ron off. She would rub herself through her knickers while she watched Harry wrap his hand around the base of Ron's cock and run his tongue over the tip before taking as much as he could in his mouth. She loved the sounds Ron made when Harry stroked him with his hand and mouth. She liked the way Ron's come would always dribble out of the corners of Harry's mouth.

She liked watching Ron suck Harry off. She'd slip her fingers inside her knickers and rub frantically as Ron knelt down and swallowed Harry's entire length and Harry stood there, thrusting fast and hard into Ron's mouth while Ron tugged on his hips, urging him to go faster. Ron never spilled a drop when Harry came in his mouth. Afterwards, he would lick and stroke Harry until Harry was hard again.

She liked slipping her fingers inside her as Ron rolled a condom over his cock. She liked taking a long slow stroke as she watched Ron slide into Harry. She would try to match his rhythm as he hooked Harry's legs over his shoulders and started fucking him slowly. She liked watching Harry's cock wave around with each thrust. She liked watching the sweat build on Ron so by the time he was thrusting into Harry fast and hard, trying desperately to reach the orgasm he wanted, his whole body shone with it. He was maddeningly, wonderfully slow about it. She usually managed to come two or three times before he did.

She liked watching Ron settle happily between her legs as Harry knelt behind him, rolling on a condom of his own. Liked watching him lick her juices off the inside of her thighs. Liked watching him slide his fingers all the way into his mouth before he filled her with them. Liked watching his mouth close over her clit. Liked watching Harry slide into Ron's upraised arse and fuck him.

Hermione liked pretty things.

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